S&J Fence Co. has the expertise and experience to complete any size of game-proof fence (otherwise known as high-fence or deer-proof fence) project in South Texas and surrounding areas, including large turnkey projects spanning many miles. And, we can handle all phases of your project, from design, to site prep, to construction, including water gaps, gate settings and automated gate openers.

Game-Proof Fence:
S&J Fence Co. will tailor materials to suit a client’s preferences, but typically we employ all welded galvanized steel bracing. Over the years we have found that utilizing steel brace materials for fences of this height yield the greatest efficiencies, and galvanized steel, in particular, will stand up to the harsh Texas climate best in the long run. Other forms of steel can be used in accordance with a client’s preference and budget, but typically 3″-4″ O.D. galvanized corner and brace posts are set in 60″ concrete footings in a 13″ augured hole. The bracing is then completed by welding the cross-brace members on-site. Galvanized or painted steel t-posts are then set with 2.5″ O.D. galvanized steel line posts, in concrete footings, at certain pre-specified intervals in order to give the fence added stability.

The typical wire used in a game-proof fence is class 3 galvanized 2096-6-12.5 (20 horizontal wires, 96″ tall, 6″ spacing between vertical stays, 12 1/2 gauge) although other wires can be substituted in accordance with the property owner’s goals and budget. A strand of 2-point barbed wire stretched just above the fence will further aid in keeping animals from attempting to leap over it.

Unlike other game-proof fence contractors, S&J typically goes no further than three to four rolls of wire (approximately 980-1310 feet) without some form of bracing on the fence line, whether it be a welded steel pull post, or full brace assembly. Other contractors will stretch wire as far as they can in order to reduce labor costs, typically resulting in either 1) wire that sags over time because it was too heavy to adequately tension, or, 2) bracing which leans over time because it is supporting too much weight.

Gate Settings:
S&J Fence Co. utilizes pre-fabricated game proof gates, typically hung from double bracing in order to adequately support their weight over time. Gates are available in a range of sizes, and double gated openings up to 40+ feet wide can be constructed in order to allow adequate room for the movement of large implements in and out of game-proof fenced pastures.

Automated gate openers can be installed to add convenience and prestige to main entrances, or frequently used gated passages. Many makes and models of openers are available in accordance with a rancher’s goals and budget, and we buy from the wholesalers in order to give our client’s the best price possible. S&J Fence Co. has the experience to fully install openers, including construction of concrete pads, installation of solar power accessories, safety photo eyes, and keypads.

Water Gaps:
Water gaps can be addressed in a number of ways according to their size and severity. For large gaps where water may rush violently through the fence, swinging panels can be constructed that will give with the flow. For smaller gaps, 2″-3″ O.D. steel posts are installed in concrete footings the width of the gap, and heavy gauge utility panels are affixed to them to produce a fence that will stand up better to the flow of water. Upstream “catches” can also be constructed in this manner which will effectively stop the flow of debris onto the fence, greatly lessening the chances of damage to the perimeter. Once the water recedes, the catch can be easily be cleaned, and repaired, if necessary, by replacing the utility panels.

Because we have the know-how, equipment, and personnel to complete game-proof fence projects in an efficient manner, S&J believes that we can deliver the highest quality product to you, our client, at the best value for your dollar. Please contact S&J Fence Co. to provide a proposal for your game-proof fence project.