On Tuesday, September 26th, we will resume taking new requests for residential fence estimates on a LIMITED BASIS.  We will have a pre-determined amount of new requests available each week, based on the volume we think we can reasonably handle, and will begin filling them at 8:00 AM on Tuesdays.  Calls will be taken on a first come first serve until the pre-determined amount of new requests have been taken, and then we will close for requests until the next Tuesday, when this process will be repeated.

This process applies to requests for residential estimates only.  We are still taking most commercial estimate requests because we have more capacity on that side of our business.

Please note that there is no waiting list.  We will not accept calls before 8:00 AM on Tuesdays.  If you call on Monday night or Tuesday morning before we are open, and leave a message on our office voicemail, that request will not be taken.  If you call at 8:01 on Tuesday and get our answering machine because we are all on the phone with other callers, that request will not be taken.  We would like to warn callers ahead of time, each Tuesday there are far more phone calls than we can answer, and the available requests go in 5-10 minutes.

We apologize that we cannot take everyone’s request, but we simply don’t have the capacity to do so.  We believe this is the fairest process we can put in place.  Please know that our people are working as hard as is reasonably possible to provide fence replacement to as many customers as we can.

We would also like to address some of the more frequent questions we have received since the storm:

What is the current lead time to start a residential project once a bid is accepted?  Currently the lead time is a minimum of 8 weeks.  This is from the time we receive a signed contract and any other required items as stated in the bid terms.

Will my insurance pay for my fence to be fixed/replaced?  Please realize that we know nothing about individual insurance policies or how each insurance company handles fence claims.  Also, we will not deal directly with the insurance company, or send bids directly to them.  We will provide bids to the property owner and it is their responsibility to relay necessary information to the insuror.  The property owner is 100% responsible for paying any and all charges related to their fence project in accordance with the terms of the bid/contract with S&J Fence Co.

Are you hiring temporary or out of town workers to help with fence replacements?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Although it will be challenging to handle the demand, we are going to do as many projects as possible with the EXISTING force of hourly and subcontract crews we have used for years.  WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE THE QUALITY OF YOUR FENCE BY USING LABOR WE ARE NOT CONFIDENT IN.

While you are here, can you look at my neighbor’s/neighbor’s neighbor’s/cousin down the street’s fence?  In the sake of fairness, our policy is going to be that each individual owner has to contact our offices to create a request for a proposal, and they will be addressed in that general order.  We will not look at additional properties while we are onsite, even if they are immediately adjacent, because if we do so, our estimators are spending time on a bid for someone who has not yet contacted us instead of spending time on someone who has been waiting for weeks, and we do not feel that is the fair thing to do.

Lastly, we know that there are many, many out of town fence companies and startup fence builders flooding the area.  Think twice before you hire one of these folks in the sake of getting a fence done quickly or cheaply.  They will not be around to fix your gate when it is sticking in 6 months.  As one of the Coastal Bend’s largest and most reputable fence companies, S&J Fence Co will be.

We look forward to helping the Coastal Bend put the pieces of our lives back together as best as we can.

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