Residential Chain Link

Residential grade chain link fences provide for an extremely functional and economical fence solution, and are very adaptable to a variety of situations.  Residential chain link is often employed as a perimeter fence in order to create a secure boundary, as an interior fence on larger lots to contain children and pets in a smaller area around the home, and can also be upgraded to produce a more ornate, attractively finished fence if needed.

Chain link comes in a variety of heights, including 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′ and taller  The typical residential grade chain link materials are made of thinner steel components, resulting in a fence that is extremely economical when compared to other residential fence types.  Walk gates and larger, double-drive gates can be economically employed to create multiple access points to the enclosed area for both people and larger items such as lawn equipment.

If a more attractive look is desired, either black or green powder coated chain link can be used to make the fence more asthetically pleasing.  Access gates can be upgraded to custom fabricated sliding gates and can be powered by automatic openers with remotes and keypads if so desired.

Because we install such large quantities of residential chain link each month, S&J Fence Co. can deliver the most economical chain link fence around, while still delivering a high quality product. No matter what sort of budget you are on, or what size of residential chain link fence project you require, call S&J Fence Co. to provide a proposal on your next chain link fence.