Wire Livestock Fence

Net wire fences, (also known as field fences) while typically more costly than barbed wire to construct, have a valuable place in the ranching industry. Net wire fences are most appropriate where the ultimate solution in security and liability is required. Examples are exterior fences where livestock is kept in close proximity to well traveled public roadways, or sections where smaller livestock, such as sheep and goats, are pastured. Wire fences can also be used as a small acreage yard solution to contain children and dog, and create a fence solution that is handsome in addition to secure.

S&J Fence can construct any design of net wire fence in accordance with your needs and budget. We frequently complete small and large projects utilizing the following wire or field fence types:

  • Horse wire
  • Cattle Wire & “King Ranch” wire
  • Hog Wire
  • Sheep and Goat Wire

Barbed wire strands can be added to any wire fence to complete a secure, long lasting perimeter.
As with barbed wire fences, form, function and budget must all be weighed when considering the design of a wire fence. T-posts, either painted or galvanized, can be used as line posts on a wire fence according to durability and budget requirements. And cedar or treated pine line posts can be added intermittently to give the fence a more attractive and secure appearance.