Wood Fence

S&J Fence Co. constructs wood privacy fences using only the highest quality materials and meticulous construction techniques which we believe make our privacy fences the strongest, longest lasting, most attractive privacy fences in South Texas. We can construct nearly any design of wood privacy fence, from the standard 6′ variety, to shadow-box type fences, to 7′ tall or 8′ tall wood fences.

Our standard privacy fence is 72″ tall and includes three vertical rails. Installed vertically, the rails have added strength and prevent long-term sagging of the fence. All posts are set a minimum of 30″ deep in concrete footings, and can be set 36″ deep upon request. Either treated or cedar pickets, according to client preference, are installed to the rails using galvanized nails for a handsome look and long-lasting finish. A “rot-board” can be added to any wood fence and will aid in preventing the bottom of the pickets from rotting or being damaged by lawn equipment. A “Cap & Trim” effect adds a look of additional quality to any fence. Your S&J Fence salesman will be happy to explain and discuss all of these options with you when they visit your property.

Some competing fence companies will only use two rails, or will set the rails horizontally, where they will be more susceptible to sagging over time. They may also set posts only 18 to 24″ deep. When you are shopping for a new wood fence, be sure you understand the differences in techniques and pricing between competitors. Our wood fences will not always be the cheapest ones around, but they will be strongest, longest lasting, and most attractive!