Farm & Ranch

S&J Fence Co. offers a full line of farm and ranch fence solutions to local customers.  Our employees have decades of experience installing agricultural fence projects in the Coastal Bend.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fence is a highly economical approach to livestock fencing and can be constructed in a variety of manners.  Most barbed wire projects are installed using round treated posts for the “H”-bracing, but welded steel braces can also be employed.  S&J Fence Co. primarily uses galvanized steel t-posts and 2-point high-tensile barbed wire because of the long-lasting galvanization characteristics those materials exhibit. However, heavier gauge American 2-point can be used if preferred, at the exact same price.

Let S&J Fence Co. deliver your next barbed wire fence in a quality and economical manner. Call today for a free estimate.

Field Fence, Horse, Hog, Sheep, Goat and Cattle Wire

Field fence (sometimes also referred to as Net Wire), while typically more costly than barbed wire to construct, have a valuable place in the ranching industry. Field fence is most appropriate where livestock is kept in close proximity to well traveled public roadways, or sections where smaller livestock, such as sheep and goats, are pastured. Field fence can also be used as a small acreage yard solution to contain children and dogs, and create a fence solution that is handsome in addition to secure.

We frequently complete small and large projects utilizing the following wire field fence types:

  • Non-climb horse wire
  • Cattle wire
  • Sheep and Goat Wire

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Game Proof / High Fence

S&J Fence Co. has the expertise and experience to complete any size of game-proof fence (otherwise known as high-fence or deer-proof fence) project in the Coastal Bend.

We employ all welded galvanized steel bracing. Over the years we have found that utilizing steel brace materials for fences of this height yield the greatest efficiencies, and galvanized steel, in particular, will stand up to the harsh Texas climate best in the long run.  The typical wire used in a game-proof fence is class 3 galvanized 2096-6-12.5 (20 horizontal wires, 96″ tall, 6″ spacing between vertical stays, 12 1/2 gauge) although other wires can be substituted in accordance with the property owner’s goals and budget. 

Please contact S&J Fence Co. to provide a proposal for your game-proof fence project.

Corral Fence

Wooden corral fences create attractive fence product while also maintaining the security of your property. Although less economical than wire fences, corral fences can be the perfect addition to small acreage plots and/or homesteads, giving them a highly desirable rustic finish, while providing a fence that is secure enough to hold large livestock such as horse and cattle.

S&J can design any corral fence you desire to accomplish your goals. 3-rail fences allow for an economical, yet secure, corral fence, while 4 and 5-rail fences are slightly more costly, but also more secure. Top rails and wire fence material can also be added to a corral fence to give it a more finished look and add to the durability and security of the fence.