Gate Access Control

S&J Fence Co is one of the most knowledgeable and capable gate automation installers servicing the South Texas market. We can help you design and evaluate your gate access control options based on property type, gate usage patterns, security needs, and budget. We procure only equipment that we have found to be reliable and field proven in the past, and we provide complete installation as part of a turnkey package.

We provide a full range of gate access control solutions for Industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Access control configurations are different for each properties unique requirements and can span the spectrum from simple, economical solutions for low-use residential applications, to complex multi-component configurations for high-use or high-security facilities.

Gate Access Control

When designing a gate access control configuration, many variables have to be considered, for example:

  • Is solar power acceptable, or is a constant power source (electricity) necessary either because solar is not practical in your location, or because potential gate downtime must be avoided.
  • How many daily cycles (each open/close is a cycle will the gate operate, on average? This will determine the grade of operator you need.
  • How will vehicles and pedestrians access the property? Will they use remotes, keypads, card readers, intercoms, or some combination of these?
  • Once they are inside, how will vehicles and pedestrians exit the property? Automatic exit loops, remotes, card readers, keypads, or some combination of these?
  • How acceptable is gate failure? Do you need battery backup or other redundant systems?
  • Are there any security or other unique requirements that have to be addressed when configuring your system?

Past installation projects range from simple solar gate operators with remotes only for residential properties, to high-security and high-speed gate installations, including battery backup systems, automatic vehicle detection and UL325 gate entrapment devices. With a knowledgeable sales staff, S&J Fence Co. can help you evaluate your needs and alternatives, and come up with a package that fits your needs and budget. And, our experienced and customer focused technicians can install it in a quick, efficient manner.